Nursing homes can—and should—provide excellent care but often their employees are often pulled in too many directions. Communicating your concerns with staff and administrators is important. Providers should be eager to discuss resident care with you and ensure that there is a plan in place for a resident’s care. Many elderly people are unable or unwilling to complain but their loved ones should hold their providers accountable for the care they provide.

There are several obvious signs that a nursing home or adult foster care has not been providing appropriate care including bedsores, unexplained falls, sudden weight changes, poor hygiene and infections. There are other signs of abuse including emotional withdrawal, disappearance of personal items and dehydration. Any injury to a resident at a nursing home should be investigated by our northern Michigan personal injury attorneys to seek the full measure of damages to which they may be entitled.

Personal injury attorney Heidi Hodek assisted in recovering millions for families and victims of nursing home abuse.

She dedicates a significant portion of her practice to representing the families and elderly who have suffered from abuse or injuries due to the negligence of nursing homes and long-term care facilities.   She’s seen first-hand the terrible injuries that have been suffered by the elderly due to the poor and substandard treatment at these facilities and believes in fighting for justice and fair compensation and holding these facilities accountable so that others never experience the same treatment.

When those who are entrusted to care for a parent or family member instead cause injuries, our team is your voice.

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