Registration of Your Michigan Vehicle

As both retirees and young people return to make their homes in Michigan, it is important to remember that Michigan has some of the harshest laws when it comes to registration of your out-of-state vehicle.

Every resident of Michigan who owns a motor vehicle that is driven on Michigan’s highways must register the vehicle and insure the vehicle with a Michigan no-fault policy. While a nonresident does not have to register his or her vehicle in Michigan in order to drive it on Michigan’s highways and does not have to insure his or her motor vehicle with a Michigan no-fault policy, if he or she drives the vehicle on Michigan’s highways for not more than 30 aggregate days in any calendar year and otherwise displays a valid registration and plate from his or her state of residence. MCL 500.3102(1). 

So if you have returned to live in Michigan, your out-of-state registration may not provide you with the full protection of Michigan laws and prevent you from compensation for your injuries if you are in an accident.

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