Adult Foster Care Homes Are Required to Inform You About A Family Member's Accident

If you have concerns about how a family member or loved one is being treated at a Michigan adult foster care facility, ask the facility to see their "Incident / Accident Report." The law in Michigan requires small and large group homes to keep records of incidents, accidents, illnesses, absences, and deaths at the facility. You should also have concerns if an adult foster care facility did not contact you as they are required to make reasonable efforts to reach you.

Specifically,  a "licensee shall make a reasonable attempt to contact the resident’s designated representative and responsible agency by telephone and shall follow the attempt with a written report to the resident’s designated representative, responsible agency, and the adult foster care licensing division within 48 hours of any of the following:

(a) The death of a resident.

(b) Any accident of illness that requires hospitalization.

(c) Incidents that involve any of the following: (i) Displays of serious hostility. (ii) Hospitalization. (iii) Attempts at self-inflicted harm or harm to others. (iv) Instances of destruction to property.

(d) Incidents that involve the arrest or conviction of a resident..."

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